Expertise That Speaks Results

Successful results require hard work, knowledge, and determination. Enter Comuniquest. We’ve become fluent in industries such as healthcare, insurance, and finance—with a focus on Fortune 500 companies.

We know that sweat and hard work doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t actually deliver. So, we’ve developed a proven process and incorporated it with innovative outsourcing solutions that does just that—delivers results. Brilliantly, uniquely, and successfully.

What Makes Comuniquest “Unique”?

We offer a no-cost checkup

We mutually determine where the best opportunities are to work with you in improving your current customer/member communications. In essence, we become a virtual extension of your firm that costs you nothing unless we can provide a solution that we agree helps you increase your sales, reduces your costs and/or builds your image.

If we can’t improve your current processes we’ll be the first to tell you

You’ll have the benefit of knowing your current customer communications processes are working optimally. And, when we CAN improve your current processes, we mutually agree upon the projected benefits to you – which are used as the benchmark to measure the success of the program.

We provide independent solutions with no hidden agendas

Too often, customers only are shown a service provider’s proprietary product or technology in order to fill internal capacity to first meet the needs of the provider’s stakeholders rather than focus on what may be in the best need of the customer. At Comuniquest, we are not tied to a particular technology or filling specific internal resource capacity which gives us the freedom to put our clients’ interests first to develop the most effective and efficient outcomes.

We are highly engaged and enjoy what we do

…which is a key reason for our practice of consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations. Gallup polls indicate that over 80% of Americans are not highly engaged in their work. It’s hard for a service provider to consistently deliver the best ideas and solutions when their own employees are not operating at the highest levels of engagement. At Comuniquest, we get energized in solving problems for our clients. And we are passionate about keeping it that way.

We leverage 30+ years experience to create and deliver solutions that consistently meet and exceed our clients expectations

We have established a proven track record of consistently creating, developing and delivering the optimal solution for our clients – on time and within budget and do not consider the engagement complete until our client is completely satisfied with the outcome and willing to be a positive referral source for us.

Our Story

In 2003, our founder, Jim Olson, elected to leave the comfort of a large corporation and start Comuniquest, a customer communications and outsourcing services firm that provides “unique” solutions to help organizations increase sales, reduce costs and build their image. Since “voting himself off the island” so to speak from a great career/company to start Comuniquest it’s been a wild ride ever since.

Our Promise

  • We will put your interests first and operate with the highest levels of integrity.
  • We will create innovative, high value/low risk solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs.
  • We will create a detailed time planning schedule and “all-in” cost to ensure your solution is delivered on time and within budget.
  • When the project is complete and you are completely satisfied, we will celebrate the success with you!