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Case Studies

Case Study – Member Newsletter Program

The Challenge

The client was looking to take their current newsletter program and give it a fresh, new look that matched the exciting changes and growth they have been experiencing the past few years. The challenge was to enhance the overall quality, messaging and member experience without increasing the cost of this critical member communications program.

Case Study – Rebate Check Program

The Challenge

As part of a state-wide Rebate Check Disbursement Program, the State of Minnesota was looking for the most efficient and effective way to distribute nearly 2,000,000 rebate checks, one to every taxpayer in the state of Minnesota. Added to that challenge was the desire to deliver on time, accurately and efficiently.

Case Study – Generic Drug Campaign

The Challenge

Comuniquest was faced with a tough but exciting challenge: help our client communicate to their members a message that would inspire them to move from using brand name drugs to generic drugs. The reason – Brand drugs cost up to 85% more than generic drugs that are equally effective and safe and by moving the needle to generic drugs the health plan could successfully drive healthcare costs down to allow it to better serve its members while increasing its competitive advantage.

Case Study – Member Materials Program

The Challenge

This project involved printing and storing scores of various preprinted inserts that would be inserted into a member materials package with a custom, laminated ID card, drug formulary, nearest pharmacy listing, etc. into a 9×12 envelope. The challenges included frequent stock out situations, obsolescence of outdated inserts, rush orders and high production and postage costs.


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